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Adding some new info

So after I started the blog last week, I spent some time to create some pages of useful information.

The About page has some good resources, including lists of all the California Historical Landmarks, up and down the state, as well as links to other sites about visiting the landmarks. There’s some great information there about other people attempting to visit each and every landmark site. I should probably link some of them on the side navigation bar as a good resource.

The San Diego County page is a list of the 73 landmarks in San Diego County, as a checklist for me. As I add more posts, I’ll build links into that list for each landmark that I’ve visited.

The Other counties page will be used to list California Historical Landmarks that I visit in other counties, with links to their posts.

Starting off my blog on California Historical Landmarks

James at a California Historical Landmark marker

There are over 1,100 registered California Historical Landmarks up and down the state. One of my goals for 2013 is to visit the 73 landmarks in San Diego County. I started in late January and started documenting the landmarks I visited on my old personal blog,, but I think having a blog simply focused on the California Historical Landmarks will be better for people interested in California history and travel.

I will transfer over the few posts I made on livejournal, but here they are:

This blog isn’t just for the markers and the text on the plaques or just for San Diego County’s state historical landmarks, but will try to include the context for the historical significance of the site, as well as relevant information for those trying to travel to the site. Also, while my goal for 2013 is to visit all of the California Historical Landmarks in San Diego County, I’m sure I will also come across landmarks in other parts of the state.